Halloween is coming!

And I prepared for you a very special post. But I’m warning you, this is a very big ( spooky ) post, with a lot of pictures.

I love finding screenshots of old films, gifs from Tim Burton movies, the Addams Family of course, the good old classics with Dracula and Frankenstein… Just add a few pin-ups dressed as witches, black cats, creepy haunted mansions and the voice of Vincent Price, and you have the perfect Halloween!

abandoned-castle Addams-house-2-1024x1204 Anita-Page-and-Gwen-Lee-c.-1930s Bat Bats Betlegeuse-02 Betlegeuse-04 Bride-of-Frankenstein-01 cabinet-of-dr.-caligari Cat-books Cuffins-party Dark-shadows deadly-night-shade Edward-Scissorhands-01 Edward-Scissorhands-02 Ghosts Hocus-Pocus-2 Just-Buried large large-1 Little-girl-with-biology-class-skeletons-in-Hungary-1966 Nosferatu Pumpkin-cats Pumpkin-pun-up Running Sazonov-house.-Built-in-the-1890s-in-Ostashevo-Chuchloma-Kostroma-region-of-Russia-Post-Revolution Shining Skulls Sleepy-Hollow Sleepy-Hollow Spells-Potions-Charms Spider-web Spooks Stairs The-Addams-Family-02 The-Addams-Family-03 The-Addams-Family-06 The-Corpse-Bride The-Corpse-Bride-03 The-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-01 The-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-02 The-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-10-1024x1468 The-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-12 The-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-14 Tim-Burton-intro Vincent-Price-quote Window Witch



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