The Geeky Box: Fashion F**k Ups


I can’t help to love every time one of my screen crushes let me discover some comical humanitarian side. I love Lauren, maybe you’ve noticed that already… So even when most of you wont lmao with me with her cuteness sharing an important message for anyone who wears clothes, I feel comitted to the very serious problem that’s happening every day, all around the world, right in front of our eyes. Fashion F**k Ups.

There’s a real problem in the world and it’s growing to epic proportions. People are abusing others’ eyes and sensibilities with their awful fashion choices.
Among the incredibly offensive fashion choices let’s point out kitten heels (“The El Camino of shoes”), jean shorts (or “jorts”) for men, skinny jeans on men, and those awful graphic tees (no, the skulls don’t make you look tough, guys!).
Wanna take a look?

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